Monday, July 22, 2013


There is pervasive confusion among many modern evangelical churches—especially those that are charismatic—regarding Satan’s activities and operations.

Modern worship anthems that are focused on spiritual warfare tell Christians to go to “the enemy’s camp” and take “back what he stole” from them. Prayers are offered up to put hedges around believers. Furthermore, it is widely thought that the louder and more fervent the prayer, the more effective it is for binding Satan. But is this really the true role of Christians in the realm of spiritual warfare?

In the following audio, John MacArthur shares from his own experiences with bizarre spiritual warfare and provides valuable biblical insight into how Christians should, and should not, respond to the satanic realm.

The Strange Fire conference will provide much-needed clarity and correction to the mass confusion on the evangelical landscape regarding spiritual warfare. For more information about Strange Fire, please visit the conference website.
GTY Staff
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