Post written originally by Jerry Wragg at Grace and Granite

“Child, out of the grace and love of My heart I’ve purchased your pardon from sin, adopted you as My own, prepared an eternal home for you, and long to fellowship with you in the fullness of My glory for all eternity.

To bring you to where I am, I’ve ordained a particular path for you so that I may magnify My character through your life along the way.  You did nothing to deserve the journey nor the blessings I’ve planned for you, it’s simply that I desire to give you My joy as you reflect My perfections through all that I’ve purposed to do.  As promised, I’ve placed My Spirit of Truth within you so that you possess the power and wisdom to reach all the spiritual milestones I’ve mapped out for you along the way until you arrive safely home with Me.  I’ve also revealed, through My Spirit, every essential truth you will need to make the blessed journey I’ve bestowed upon you.  You are called to simply believe My word!  The journey will be challenging and at times exceedingly difficult.  When such times come, remember the following principles:
  1. You must believe that My Spirit is sufficient power to provide everything you need along the way –
  2. Based on what I’ve told you and what I’ve declared to be yours, you must immerse yourself in My word, set your heart on what it says, and submit your will to all that I command.
  3. You must set aside doubts and fears and entrust yourself to My promises in order to be strong in the power I’ve permanently provided.
  4. When you face unknowns, you must refer to all that I’ve provided and believe it is sufficient, despite your fears and lack of skill.
  5. When power seems deficient for getting through some very rough circumstances, you must trust what I’ve provided and move forward in faith.
  6. If, because of fear, selfishness, pride, or distracting lusts you choose to trust your own conclusions, follow vanities, or ignore My promises, I will use all kinds of pressure and circumstances to lovingly guide and discipline you back to the right path, heading in the right direction.
  7. You must not covet a different path or a Father more to your comfort.
  8. You must not covet a trouble-free journey, easier circumstances, more palatable revelation, emotional highs, or earthly relief.
  9. You must not expect My power to propel you without your obedient faith, nor should you covet a different means of progress than what I’ve provided.
  10. You will often experience lack of motivation, and even dislike for the journey’s obstacles, but don’t expect to overcome these contrary attitudes before you truly believe Me and yield your will.  If you wait for some earthly, natural motivation, you will have trusted your own wisdom and therefore cannot walk in My power.  You will simply stall your journey’s intended progress.  It is especially crucial during those times of indifference, self-pity, self-sufficiency and or sinful fear that you trust and obey all that I’ve said.  Believe Me, yield your will to Mine, and you will find My strength and power leading you forward.

Along the way, I have tailor-made your path so that you will become like Me in all your character.  Everything has been ordained to increase your discernment, test your faith, wean you from unnecessary as well as dangerous tendencies, and strengthen the conviction in you that I’ve provided the best and most trustworthy means for bringing you safely home to glory.  At times, you will fail to follow My commands, which will result in less power and slower progress.  You will become discouraged by your lack of ability to meet the challenge.  When you neglect an important means of grace and strength I’ve provided, you will be tempted to give up, believing that I’ve not planned your journey sufficiently.  You may get discouraged by what will seem like impossible obstacles.  During these times, it is important that you NEVER believe that I’ve left you without resources!  All My power has been provided, but you must use the means I’ve given for enjoying it.  You must know My promises.  You must seek Me for grace and strength.  You must entrust your life to Me.  You must yield your will to Mine.  And when by faith you have followed what I’ve commanded, you can trust that it is exclusively by the power and means I’ve provided that IS bringing you safely home to Me forever.”