Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A while back I came across an individual who stated that she was going to "take my word for it" regarding what I teach. Frankly, this makes me feel uncomfortable, because it misses the whole point of why I have started this ministry. Although I give reasons for what I believe which I believe are based on Scripture, one of the things that I want my readers to understand is that I am not perfect, and I am still learning along with the rest of you. I appreciate it when people are willing to listen, but please understand that I would be doing more of a disservice to you if I asked you to take my word for it.

I have also come across some individuals who are not even open to reason, and this is a mindset which many such individuals apparently regard as being more "open-minded" than those who are simply attempting to reason with them from the Scriptures, just as Paul did in Acts 17:2 (I have addressed that issue in my articles titled Philosophy vs. Christ and Avoiding Correction? So you can read either of those articles to better understand what I am talking about).

Neither one of these mindsets square up with the mindset of the people from Berea (See Acts 17:10-11), which is the mindset that I would like to encourage through this ministry. In that verse, the people from Berea were labeled as noble, partly because of their willingness to hear what Paul had to say - and this is obviously contrary to the mindset of those who refuse to listen to reason.

But these people in Acts 17:10-11 were not only commended for their willingness to hear what Paul had to say - they were also commended because they "searched the Scriptures daily to see whether those things were so" (See verse 11). So that mindset is clearly contrary to the "i'll take your word for it" mindset. Furthermore, Jeremiah 17:5 has a clear warning regarding those who put their trust in man.

The main reason that I am explaining all of this is because I want people to understand that my word is not the final word, nor do I intend for people to think that it is...but God's word is the final word: John 12:48 declares that it is God's word which will judge those who have rejected it when all is said and done (this also indicates that those who are judged by the word will have had a fair chance to accept the truth).
This rejection may come in the form of taking our favorite teacher or family member's word for it without really diligently searching the Scriptures for ourself, or it could come in the form of the so-called "open-mindedness" of those who refuse to listen to reason. But either way, God's word will judge those who have rejected it when all is said and done, and that makes this a very serious matter.

As I write this article, I am speaking to my own heart as well. God forbid that I take anyone's word for it without searching the Scriptures to see whether those things are so! And I think that we can sometimes do that without even realizing it if we are simply searching for ways to make the Scriptures fit someone else's interpretation (as some people seem to do with the "Early Church Fathers" for example, who do not even agree among themselves) rather than letting the Scriptures speak for themself.

What I want people to understand here is that God wants us to become intimate with Him rather than merely becoming intimate with some imperfect teacher, no matter how sincere, loving or knowledgeable that teacher may be. He wants to speak to each of us personally and intimately, which is why His word says,"Faith comes by hearing...the word of God" (Romans 10:17).

So, while I do appreciate it when people are willing to hear me out, I do not want people to follow me, but I hope that my site will encourage people to think for themselves and follow the Lord alone. Those who choose anything less are robbing themselves of the intimacy with the very God who we werecreated for, and that is why I would only be a disservice to you if I encouraged you to take my word for it.


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