Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Time for Truth
Why has evil increased so dramatically? In part, it’s because of the modern ability to expose people to wickedness. There were times in human history when the only evil people experienced was what they did themselves or saw with their own eyes. Evil was mostly confined to the small world in which they lived.
But as access to media has grown, exposure to evil has exploded. Evil thoughts and deeds are no longer limited by geographical distance. Television, the internet, and a twenty-four hour news cycle brings every conceivable evil directly into people’s most personal spaces. Every scandalous behavior, wicked word, evil desire, and ungodly practice is instantly and graphically accessible. The entire world is overloaded with exposure to wickedness–and that begets even more evil.
One example of that degenerative process is the modern view of sexual immorality. Decades ago we witnessed the sexual revolution and the normalizing of abortion. If those weren’t devastating enough, now we’re seeing the homosexual revolution with its push for same-sex marriage. That is the Romans 1 reprobate mind in full bloom. All that matters is personal fulfillment and the approval of every possible personal choice. The only thing not tolerated is any intolerance of evil.
It’s no surprise that true Christians are feeling pressures we’ve never before experienced. Believers today face open hostility simply for what we believe. Our gospel, our values, our priorities, our doctrine, what we love and what we hate, what we live for and what we die for–our lives are comprehensively and permanently at odds with the world. What’s more, the situation can and will still get worse. I’ve commented several times recently that I believe the hostility toward Christians in the West will eventually give way to full-blown persecution, just as it already has in other parts of the world.
As the pressure on Christianity has increased, it has been interesting to see so many supposed Christian institutions caving in and surrendering. We’re now finding out what people really believe and who is willing to stand for truth. Churches and Christian organizations are having to ask themselves, What are we going to say about immorality, premarital sex, drunkenness, and homosexuality? Sadly, many are waffling.
Our view is that the more heated the battle becomes, the clearer we need to become on our biblical convictions. The true church will always embrace persecution when it comes, rather than run from it. Suffering for Christ is a blessing from God with purifying effects for true believers. When suffering comes the church actually thrives. . .
As for how the Bible-teaching ministry of Grace to You is responding to these evil day, the answer is simple: full disclosure. Hold nothing back. As other organizations seek to evolve with the times, insulate themselves from hostility, and accommodate the culture, our plan is to actively stake out the biblical positions everywhere we can. We are going to articulate biblical truth more clearly and assertively than ever. In fact, as the culture continues to degenerate and biblical standards are challenged, every new attempt to undermine Scripture is going to elicit from us a loving–but clear–confrontation.
taken from a letter from John MacArthur to listeners of Grace to You dated June 21, 2013.

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