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by Don Koenig
Many books have been written on the planning that is now taking place to rebuild the third temple in Jerusalem. Virtually all the instruments that will be used in the third temple have now been precisely recreated. Red heifers required for purification of the sanctuary and the people are being bred. The only thing that is stopping the rebuilding of the third temple is the present political situation and disagreement among Jews whether Elijah needs to come first to oversee the building project.
Part of the peace plan that Israel will accept will include permission to rebuild the third temple on the temple mount or north of the temple mount as discribed by the millennial temple of Ezekiel. It is not a coincidence of time that preparations for animal sacrifices are now underway for the first time in nearly 2000 years.
Only in modern times could the genetics of Jews be tested to determine without question the true descendants of the priestly tribe (by law only Levites can serve in the temple).
The Jews have re-established their Sanhedrin. These seventy-one men are the supreme religious authorities in Israel. It was not in existence for 1580 years. Their first order of business was to find out exactly where on the temple mount the third temple should be built.
When the time of grace for the Gentiles is fulfilled, the third temple will be rebuilt and God will again deal with the Jews for the final week of years as prophesied in the book of Daniel.

Israel is once again a nation in the land given to them by God

The Jews are returning to Israel and those who think that Islam will prevail against Israel are ignorant of Bible prophecy. The scriptures indicate that a large confederation of nations will come against Israel in the last days and some scriptures even names them by tribal root. Today we see the very real possibility of this alignment of nations among the Arab/Islamic nations of the world. The Bible also foretells that apart from Israel's military power God Himself will supernaturally protect Israel for His own name's sake and He will destroy all the nations who come against Jerusalem to make it their own possession. The scriptures indicate that Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone for all the nations and all that trouble themselves over it will be cut in pieces. The nations of the world will soon learn that it is not wise to harm God's Jewelry.

Most of Christianity is in denial or is even hostile toward Israel

It is totally astounding to me that the majority of those who call themselves Christians see no prophetic significance for Israel becoming a nation in 1948 and many have even become hostile toward the nation of Israel and are now siding with Israel's enemies. What fosters this hostility toward Israel in Christianity is heretical dominion replacement theology and the humanistic view that man is basically good. Therefore, they believe truth is relative and all the world's problems can be solved by compromise and appeasement. The Jews of Israel with religious beliefs and land promises that conflict with those of other beliefs (i.e. Islam) cannot be tolerated by these heretical types of Christians.

Even the land of Israel is a witness

Many scriptures speak of a second return of the Jews to their land prior to the restoration of their kingdom but none speak of a third return before the return of their Messiah. Further, before Israel became a nation again in 1948 the land was desolate. Since that time the rains have increased 50 percent. The land of Israel is now a garden that produces fruit for all of Europe. Even the hills that were barren for over two thousand years are now reforested. God's hand on Israel should be evident to all who believe in God.
This witness is not the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy because that fulfillment only occurs after a time of great trouble for Israel. After this time known as "Jacob's trouble" all that survive in Israel will acknowledge that Jesus is their Messiah. Jesus will deliver Israel from all enemies and thus become the Savior of a nation that once rejected Him.
Paul tells us that the Jews were blinded due to unbelief until the times of the gentiles are fulfilled. Now that we see that the Jews are back in their land and that the nations are aligned as foretold by the prophets, it should be obvious to us that the times of the Gentiles are just about complete. Israel's Messiah was cut off for 2000 years because of Israel's unbelief but the promised kingdom still must come. Israel's Messiah must return in power and glory because man breaks covenants and promises but God never does. Jesus will establish the Jewish Kingdom on earth promised to them by God. At that appointed time God will deal with Israel for spiritual restoration as He purges the land of all unbelievers.

Fuel for the sacrificial fires

When Israel rebuilds its third temple it will also have to sacrifice animals as offerings to the Lord. The world will find this practice obnoxious. Animal rights people will wage war against what they will see as an abominable practice. Today we see eating meat coming into disfavor among many. Within one or two decades it is likely that sacrificing animals and eating meat might be more than just frowned upon. It might even be outlawed by the world government. Some of the fuel to instigate more intense hatred of the Jews might just come from the sacrificial fires of their third temple.

The Ethiopian Jews return and Israel returns to Hebrew

Zep 3:9 For then will I turn to the peoples of a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of Jehovah, to serve him with one consent.
10 From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, even the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering.

We may have a partial fulfillment of Zephaniah 3:9 since Hebrew is now the official language of Israel. In the next verse we see another partial fulfillment when Israel air lifted out Ethiopian Jews thought to be descended from the Queen of Sheba and Solomon. Some speculate that the original Ark of the Covenant or an exact copy of it is being protected by these black Jews that converted to Christianity (through the interaction that Philip had with the Ethiopia eunuch of great authority, Acts 8:27). Could the offering spoken of in Zephaniah actually be the Ark of the Covenant or the black Jews?

Prior verses of Zephaniah make it clear that the complete fulfillment of this prophecy about a return to a pure language is after the destruction of the nations. We cannot say that these verses have been fulfilled in the version of Hebrew spoken in Israel today but if we see these partial fulfillments today, then how close are we to the actual fulfillment?

After two days I will revive you

There is a very interesting bible prophecy in Hosea 6:2 about Israel that has not been fulfilled in two literal days. It says "After two days will he revive us: on the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live before him." If a day is a thousand years with the Lord (as indicated in two places in scripture and also inferred in Revelation) then we should expect Israel's revival in two to three thousand years from when the prophecy was written. The prophecy was written well over 2,000 years ago and it is prophetic that we now see the partial revival of Israel with her return to her covenant land. The third day of this prophecy is already upon us and the prophecy to raise Israel spiritually is about to be fulfilled.

A coming Jewish holocaust is planned by Satan

The survival of the Jews as a race is remarkable. Many times in history the Jews have been slaughtered with the last major slaughter being the holocaust in Germany when one third of the world's Jews were murdered. In spite of this the Jews survive as a race and religion and many are now back in their land just as was foretold by their prophets.
There will be a final attempt to exterminate the Jews by satanic forces. At that time scripture indicates that two thirds of all the Jews in the land will be killed and one third will be refined through the fire. Satan understands that the promised Messiah is Jewish and by exterminating the Jews he knows the promised Jewish Kingdom on earth can never take place.

It is my theory that Satan wishes for all Jews to return to the land of Israel so that he can finally destroy all of them there in one place. This is why the world United Nations under the authority of Satan allowed the creation of Israel in the first place. However, God has allowed the return of the Jews to His land for other reasons.
He will judge the nations there by how they treat the Jews dwelling in His land and then God will restore the kingdom to Israel with Jesus on the throne of David.

Two thousand years ago Jewish leaders agreed that it was expedient for Israel that one man (Jesus) should die and not that the whole nation perish (Joh 11:50). Today we will soon hear it is expedient for the world that one nation (Israel) be cut off than have the whole world perish through war.
The same Messiah the Jews delivered to be cut off for the sake of the nation, will by his death, resurrection and mercy for Israel, save the nation that asked for Him to be cut off.

Signs of the time

Israel is a nation. The Jews have returned first from the East, then from the West, next they came from the North and finally they are coming from the South in the exact order as Isaiah 43:5-6 foretells. The preparations for building the third temple are complete. Israel is surrounded by enemies and anti-Semitism is rising all over the world. A peace plan is being brokered with those who hate the Jews and want no peace. Prophetic scripture is being fulfilled in this generation whether those who identify with Christianity acknowledge it or not.
The menorah is the ancient symbol of the Jewish people (Jewish candlestand with seven branches)

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